64EF-electric-linear-fireplaceThe 64EF Electric Linear Fireplace presents you with the most realistic fire effect complimented by sleek, sophisticated design. This stunning fireplace is ideal for creating a focal point in living rooms because it offers the most flame viewing of any electric fireplace. Its versatility can accommodate any mood or personal style, whether it is recessed into the wall or simply mounted. The 64EF’s linear shape features a long row of mesmerizing flames surrounded by a black glass panel that is 21 inches tall. The 64EF isn’t just a beautiful focal point; it includes a 1,500 watt heater that adds comforting warmth to any room.

The 64EF also features multi-color perimeter accent lighting that adds even more magic and drama to the fireplace. The accent lighting is lit from behind the black glass panel and surrounds the entire unit, giving off a continuous warm glow. Multiple color settings are available with the perimeter accent lighting and accommodate any personal style.

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