Our Crew Specializes in Chimney Builds & Rebuilds

We like to address chimney flaws with tuckpointing services and other solutions, if possible, but if the chimney is too badly damaged, sometimes this is no longer an effective route. In these cases, a rebuild is likely in order.

Now, a rebuild is a big job, and it’s not one you’ll want to leave in the hands of just anyone. That’s why we urge folks throughout Centereach and anywhere else throughout Suffolk or Nassau County to count on our National Fireplace Institute (NFI)-certified and highly experienced crew to handle it all. 

When Are Rebuilds Necessary?

  • Your chimney has separated from your home. This can occur when a chimney is built on a weak footing or was poorly attached to the home in the beginning. As the ground below the footing settles or the footing itself fails, the chimney can start to lean away from the house and create an extremely dangerous situation.
  • You’re experiencing excessive water damage. If you have a lot of mortar damage and most of your bricks are spalling or missing, then a rebuild may be a smarter route than investing in a long list of tedious, time-consuming, and expensive repairs.
  • Your chimney is tilted or leaning. If you’re already spotting your chimney tilting or leaning, then getting an expert on the job sometime soon is a must. The longer damages go unaddressed, the more likely you are to experience an entire collapse, which will leave you with a lot more damage to address in the long run.
  • Your chimney has collapsed. Obviously a collapsed chimney will warrant the need for a rebuild… and likely some home repairs as well. We realize this can be a stressful situation, but we’d be happy to work with you to figure out the best plan for moving forward, all while working with your unique needs and budget.
  • Your chimney was built incorrectly to begin with. Hearing your system was built wrong from the get-go can leave you with a bit of a sinking feeling in your gut. The good news is that our team is here to help. We can tell you what exactly needs work and the best ways to approach the situation.

What Are My Options?

Since you’re doing an entire rebuild, you might as well invest in something new and improved, right? If your old chimney wasn’t exactly your style, we’ve got options, like replacing it with our beautiful Owens Corning cultured stone or installing a factory-built stainless steel chimney and custom chase.

Or, if you liked it the way it was initially, you can choose to use your existing brick to have it rebuilt better and stronger than it was before.

How Can I Protect My New System?

Once we have your new chimney built, it’s imperative to take the right steps to keep it better protected down the line. The biggest thing we recommend is investing in annual inspections. These give us the opportunity to spot any potential issues before they can worsen, so you don’t wind up with a broken-down system anytime in the near future.

There are also a lot of chimney components that will help to safeguard your chimney from water and all of the threats it invites. These include chimney caps and flashing, and you’ll definitely want to invest in waterproofing services too.

Finally, if you need repairs or sweeping services, don’t put them off. Our long list of repair services ensures your system can stand tall and strong for years to come. No matter what the situation is, Dunrite Chimney and Stove has solutions.

Man inspecting fireplace for rebuild - Dunrite Chimney

You Deserve Quality Care – Don’t Put it Off!

You deserve to get the most from your chimney. If you’re stressed about its current state or worried your chimney is depreciating the value of your home, then it’s time to call us in. Reach out at 631-738-0005 or request your appointment online today.

You might be surprised at the difference a firepace facelift can make in how your living space looks and feels. Ask our chimney and fireplace services crew for more information about the options.