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Gas-fueled appliances have a lot to offer homeowners throughout the Centereach area. First of all, there’s no denying the convenience they offer. If you love the aesthetic of a crackling fire, but hate the mess and work involved with hauling wood, adding logs periodically, and making sure no stray embers can easily escape, then a gas system may be right for you. Models nowadays look more realistic than ever, and all you have to do to start them up is flip a switch or push a button – easy as that!

Other pros? Continuous/steady heat, no smoke, energy-efficiency, no mess to clean up, low maintenance, and the list could go on… Sound like a dream come true? Then, it’s time to give our sweeps a call.

Fireplace, Stove or Insert: Which Is Right for Me?

So, let’s say you’re sold on using some type of gas-fueled appliance, but just aren’t sure which one would be best suited for your home – a fireplace, stove, or insert? Here’s the lowdown on each…

  • Gas Fireplaces:  Gas fireplaces offer a great spin on the traditional wood fireplace setup. They help you achieve that classic ambiance, just without the stress and hassle involved with splitting and storing wood, building/maintaining fires, and cleaning up ash and bits of wood. Gas fireplaces are a great heat source during the winter months, and they can even be relied on in a power outage.
  • Gas Stoves:  Gas stoves are known for their aesthetic appeal and their high levels of efficiency. If you’re really looking to heat your space, a gas stove is sure to deliver. Our gas stoves don’t require hearth pads, and they don’t require strict clearances either, giving you more freedom to place it wherever you’d like. Ask about our wide variety of styles, designs, and size options today.
  • Gas Inserts:  Have an existing fireplace that just isn’t delivering in terms of heat? Consider adding a gas insert. They’re designed to fit inside of your existing fireplace (be it wood or gas), making it a beautiful, easy-to-use, and much more efficient system that your whole family can enjoy. The models we sell look great, operate quietly, and even come with remote control options.
Man completing gas fireplace installation - Dunrite Chimney

We Also Do Gas Violation Corrections

Over the past few years, numerous homeowners throughout the Long Island area have converted their household heating systems from oil to gas. Unfortunately, many of the contractors that completed these installations did not take Nassau and Suffolk County coding requirements into consideration and left the original oil flue in place.

Here’s the problem with this setup. If your new gas appliance is being vented into your old oil flue, the byproducts from the gas system (water vapor) will combine with the byproducts left behind in your oil flue (soot) to create an acidic mixture in your chimney. This corrosive mixture will then be absorbed into the clay lining of the chimney and will cause the breakdown of your clay chimney lining. It can also lead to your local utility company shutting down the heating system because it’s not meeting coding complicances.

And that’s not all… We also come across chimneys that are improperly sized, which results in poor draft and inefficiency. Fortunately, no matter which issues you’re facing, our crew is equipped to help out. We can make necessary adjustments, perform any relining services as necessary, and get you back to where you need to be.

Keep Your Home Safer & Cozier By Working With Us

Dunrite Chimney & Stove offers a quality lineup of natural gas stoves, and we make the happiness, safety, and comfort of our customers the top priority in every sale and installation we complete. We’re confident in the work and skill of our experienced technicians, and we would love to help you out soon.

If you’ve been considering installing a natural gas stove, insert, or fireplace in your home, you can either stop by our showroom in Centereach, request information or an appointment online, or call us today at 631-738-0005. We’d be happy to assist you soon!

Burning pellets as fuel gives you another option for your stove or insert selections. Ask us for more information today.