Purchasing a New Stove for Your Home? We Can Answer Your Questions

There’s no denying that stoves have become a popular heating source. That’s why we’ve compiled (and answered) some of the more common stove-related questions.

Which burns cleaner – gas, wood, or pellet stoves?

Both natural and propane gas stoves will burn cleaner than their wood- or pellet-burning counterparts. They emit less soot and air pollution, and are known for their high efficiency levels too. That said, pellet stoves are also known for burning very cleanly, and they certainly do a better job in this category than a classic wood-burning system. So to break it down simply… gas is the cleanest, followed by pellet, then wood.

Which fuel is right for me?

Wood units are definitely more authentic, but they also require more maintenance on the part of the homeowner. If hauling and chopping sounds like a good way to spend your free time, though, then wood is a cheap and renewable fuel, and you’ll be able to use it easily year-round – even if the electricity goes out.

Looking for something more low-key? Gas and pellet systems are both easier to use, with gas winning out as the most convenient. Pellet systems still burn wood, just in the form of pellets that are loaded into a hopper than regularly dispenses them. And gas systems? Well, just flip a switch and you’ve got heat – that’s hard to beat!

Which stove is best for me in terms of type, size, and cost?

This will depend more on your needs and budget than anything else. Stoves come in a wide range of options, so finding something that’s perfect for your setup (as well as your bank account) shouldn’t be a problem at all. That said, if you find the long list of choices a bit overwhelming, our team would be glad to help you out. You can also stop by our showroom in Centereach for an up-close look!

Between fireplaces and wood stoves… which are more efficient?

Fireplaces aren’t typically known for their efficiency, so if you’re really looking to gain some heat, you’ll be better off investing in a stove. Fireplaces lose a lot of heat out of the chimney, and they can be more prone to send smoke into your home too. No matter the fuel type, stoves will also win out in terms of heat output and overall energy savings.

What are the best accessories for my new stove?

Accessories are great because they’re all about finding what’s best for you! Fans, thermostats, remote controls, and more can all be incorporated into your wood stove game to make the systems easier to use and more personalized to your unique needs and preferences.

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