Protect Your Mount Sinai Home With Dunrite Chimney and Stove’s Vapor-Permeable Waterproofing Products

Our professional waterproofing services keep your masonry protected, while still allowing it to breathe. If you live in or close to Mount Sinai, Crystal Brook, Port Jefferson, Miller Place, Belle Terre, Poquott, Terryville, Sound Beach, East Setauket, Old Field, Setauket, Rocky Point, Selden, Coram, or Miller Place, call us in today.

When we have something we value in our home, we do what we can to protect it. This might mean putting covers on our couches, a sealant on our wooden deck, taking our patio furniture in when it rains, or insulating our pipes so they don’t freeze up come winter. But what can be done to help protect our masonry chimney? Easy answer – waterproofing.

Why is professional waterproofing important?

Why do so many homeowners on Mount Sinai Coram Road, Crystal Brook Hollow Road, Canal Road, Chestnut Street, Marcy Drive, Panfield Place, Joni Drive, Rita Drive, Laura Court, Nantucket Way, Gardenia Road, Plymouth Avenue, Biscayne Drive, Hemlock Road, Chelsea Drive, Oleeta Road, Granada Circle, Ashland Street, Maureen Drive, Apricot Court, and more rely on us for waterproofing?

Well, trusting a professional sweep to complete your waterproofing services ensures that nothing is missed and that your brickwork is sealed with products that are 100% vapor-permeable. When it comes to waterproofing, all of your bases need to be covered, otherwise your masonry will still be left with vulnerable spots – and your entire system will still be at risk.

By trusting in our pros from the very start, you can rest easier knowing spring rains won’t be soaking in and that the freeze/thaw cycle won’t cause damage during the winter. Give us a call today for that reliable, year-round protection you deserve.

From Fireplace Installation to Annual Maintenance, We Cover It All

Our full list of products and services ensures any and all of your fireplace needs in the Long Island area are covered, no matter what. If you live in Nassau County or Suffolk County, rely on us for the following products and services:

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