We Sell & Install Pellet Stoves & Inserts to Centereach Homeowners

Pellet-fueled systems offer all kinds of advantages. They use a safe and renewable fuel, they’re environmentally friendly, the pellets are easy and convenient to use, and many find them to offer a good mix of both wood and gas-fueled appliances – the authenticity of burning wood with all the convenience of a gas system.

If you’re interested in a pellet stove or insert (or are just wanting more information about how they work), please give us a call today, or you can stop by our showroom in Centereach. We’re here and happy to help you out.

Interested in a Pellet Stove?

Pellet stoves look similar to their wood counterparts, but operate with small pellets instead. They function with the help of a hopper that’s filled with the pellets, automatically dispensing them as more fuel is needed in your system. That means you aren’t forced to consistently get up and add more fuel as you would with a traditional, wood-fueled setup.

Pellet stoves can be either top-fed or bottom-fed, depending on your preferences, but both are known for being relatively easy to operate and maintain. No hauling, cutting, or stacking wood is necessary, and when used appropriately, they aren’t known for producing a lot of smoke or creosote either.

Is a Pellet Insert Better for You?

If you already have a fireplace in your home and are looking to easily convert it to a pellet-fueled system, then an insert may be the more logical choice. These units can simply be placed right inside your existing fireplace, after which they’ll offer you that reliable and efficient heat you’ve been hoping for.

Keep in mind though that, unlike wood or gas fireplaces and stoves, most pellet systems will need electricity to operate. So, should the weather cause the lights to go out, you’ll need to seek an alternative heat source.

We Can Service Your Pellet Stove

We offer a long list of chimney and fireplace services, and we’d be happy to service any system once we get it installed. If you’re in need of a pellet stove repair or cleaning, our team has the tools, training, and skills to help you out. We’ll do everything necessary to ensure it’s putting out as much heat as possible and providing you with clean, steady burns night after night.

Trust Our Professionals for Quality Installation

Like with any stove, insert, or fireplace, optimal performance from your pellet stove or insert will rely on correct and accurate installation. That’s why trusting our professionals is a must! We’ll ensure all state and local codes are met, and that all appropriate venting materials are correctly installed. In the end, you’ll be left with a system that works efficiently and safely for the long haul.

Ready to get your new system up and running? Call us at 631-738-0005 or book online today.


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