We Install Dependable Stainless Steel Chimney Caps & Chase Covers

Ask any chimney expert what the biggest threat to your chimney is, and we’re guessing most will give you the same answer – water. The bad news is that there is no way to prevent your system from facing exposure to water. Your chimney needs to be on the outside of your home to safely vent out your fireplace fumes, and therefore is going to face storms and bad weather.

But there’s good news, too, for homeowners throughout Centereach and its surrounding areas. Dunrite Chimney and Stove is here to ensure your system stays protected through it all with our reliable chimney caps and chase covers.

What’s the Role of My Chimney Cap?

The chimney cap serves many functions, the most notable being a cover that keeps water out of your chimney. Without a cap in place, your chimney would be left with a big hole at the top and, come rain or snow, you’d find yourself with all kinds of water damage inside of your chimney. This also leaves your home vulnerable to water-related damages too.

A cap is an easy-to-install and affordable fix that prevents water from entering so easily. But caps also serve many other important functions as well. These include:


  • Preventing animal entry
  • Blocking debris and trash from blowing in
  • Serving as spark arrestors
  • Stopping downdrafts from entering your home
  • Saving you money on potential damages
  • Keeping your home safer and more comfortable
Chimney cap with smoke emerging  - Dunrite Chimney

Do I Need a Chase Cover?

If you have a masonry chimney, then a chase cover won’t be something you’ll need to worry about. That said, many new homes are constructed with factory-built chimneys. These are surrounded by a chimney chase, which is a wood-framed enclosure that protects your chimney and liner. And just like masonry setups need a concrete crown to protect them, your chimney chase needs a chase cover.

Unfortunately, most prefab systems come with the cheapest chase covers available, built from unreliable metals that aren’t equipped to stand the test of time. Before too long, these covers rust and rot, allowing water to penetrate your chimney and home.

Dunrite Chimney and Stove’s solution is to install a new, more reliable chase cover, made of 22-gauge stainless steel. These chase covers come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects and guarantee a leak-proof chimney for years to come.

Why Stainless Steel?

Why do we install stainless steel caps and covers? Because we know our customers deserve the best. Stainless steel is simply more reliable, long-lasting, and less prone to corrosion, and it will ensure your system truly gets the protection it needs to withstand season after season of troublesome weather.

By going with stainless steel, you can get the job done right, then put it out of your mind. With other materials, you may get some temporary, short-term protection, but you’ll want to figure on having new components installed again shortly down the line. We believe in long-term, dependable solutions, which is why we think stainless steel is always the right way to go.

Our Techs Are Here for You

Ready to stop stressing about the state of your chimney and start resting comfortably knowing it’s protected for the long haul? Then, give us a call at 631-738-0005 or reach out online today. We’d love to speak with you soon.

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