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If you need chimney leak repairs, don’t put off professional care any longer. Join your neighbors in Selden, Coram, Farmingville, Terryville, Centereach, Gordon Heights, Holtsville, Medford, Port Jefferson Station, Lake Grove, Holbrook, South Setauket, Miller Place, and more by calling on us.

Is there water dripping into your firebox? Or maybe you’ve noticed staining on your walls and ceiling? Seeing rust on your metal chimney components? These are just a few signs of water-related damages, and they all indicate your chimney needs some professional care – and quickly. Fortunately for homeowners in Selden, Centereach, and more, we have the tools and training to fix your system up right.

And once all leak-related repairs are administered? Then, we can set you up with preventive measures, like a new chimney cap, some flashing, and waterproofing services, which will help combat the notoriously harmful freeze/thaw cycle.

What Is the Freeze/Thaw Cycle? How Does It Affect My Chimney?

The freeze/thaw cycle is what occurs when water enters a material, then freezes and expands causing the material to become damaged. This damage typically creates more openings for more water to enter once things thaw out. And when freezing temperatures come back around, the cycle will start all over – each time causing more and more damage to occur.

And, unfortunately, here in the Long Island area, we’re no strangers to harsh winds, cold winters, and snowfall. Which means, the freeze/thaw cycle is definitely something to be wary of.

So, how does the freeze/thaw cycle affect your chimney?

  • It causes your brickwork to break apart and spall.
  • It breaks down your mortar joints, warranting the need for tuckpointing services.
  • It creates cracking throughout your masonry structure (through which more water can enter).
  • It makes your household more susceptible to chimney fires, house fires, and gas leaks.
  • It could eventually lead to a tilted structure, settlement, or collapse.
  • It affects airflow and causes your fireplace to run less efficiently.
  • It lowers your home’s overall value.

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