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Wood Fireplaces, Stoves, & Inserts

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Gas Fireplaces, Stoves, & Inserts

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Pellet Stoves & Inserts

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Electric Fireplaces

Not sure which is best for you? We’d be happy to offer some guidance.

We Offer Masonry & Prefab Fireplaces

There are two types of fireplaces you could incorporate into your home – masonry or prefabricated. A masonry system is built on-site, brick by brick, while a prefab one is assembled from a kit and can be set up in a day. We’d be happy to discuss which option would better suit your needs, but many homeowners nowadays are taking the prefab route, as installation is a lot quicker and less expensive.

The downside of most traditional fireplace set-ups, prefab or masonry, is that they’re known to lose a lot of heat and won’t serve well as the primary heating source for homeowners. If you’re looking to use your system a lot during the winter, in hopes of keeping your heating bills in check, an insert or stove may be the more optimal choice for you.

Looking for an Efficiency Boost? Consider a Stove

Stoves come in a wide range of sizes and styles, and you can choose from various fuel types as well. Many opt for a stove because they can be placed pretty much anywhere, are known for their efficiency, and can serve as a primary source of heat.

They’re also known for being easier to maintain, and finding one that fits your budget shouldn’t be a problem, either – especially when you trust our techs to help you out.

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Already Have an Existing Fireplace? An Insert May Be Right for You

Similar to free-standing stoves, inserts are known for their efficiency and for their ability to really heat your space. That said, they’re meant to be put inside of an existing fireplace, so they can’t be installed anywhere you’d like. If you’re looking to switch fuels, (for example, converting your wood fireplace into a gas one) having an insert installed is likely going to be your best option for making this transition as smooth and seamless as possible.

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Pellet Stove

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Gas Fireplace

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Electric Fireplace

Which Fuel Type Should I Choose?

Feel confident in the type of appliance you’d like, but aren’t sure which fuel would be most appropriate for your household? We get more into the advantages and disadvantages of each on their specific pages, but here’s a brief rundown. Questions? Give us a call!

  • Wood:  Wood systems are appealing because they’re known as a more traditional fuel type. Wood also isn’t a hard or expensive fuel to come by, and the way it burns (i.e. the crackling sounds, the classic smells, the cozy aesthetic, etc.) is next to impossible to completely replicate. The down side? They’re a lot more maintenance and will require some cleanup.
  • Gas:  Gas-fueled appliances are known for burning cleanly and efficiently, and they’re also far less work, stress, and mess than a wood-burning option. No scooping ash, no building up (or putting out) fires, and no messy wood piles… just hit the switch and you’ve got yourself a cozy living space.
  • Pellet:  For those who love the look and feel of burning wood, but find the low-maintenance vibes of a gas-burning unit appealing, pellet systems may be the more appropriate route. They burn small pellets, which are automatically dispensed into your unit, which means less work for a more traditional burn. Best of both worlds? We like to think so.
  • Electric:  No fireplace in your home and not a lot of space to work with? If you have an outlet nearby, an electric fireplace will still work for your setup. Just plug it in and enjoy the heat. Most electric systems are on the lower end in terms of cost, too, and, when it comes time to move house, you can take it with you!

Always Trust a Professional

No matter which system you ultimately end up with, trusting a certified installer is a must. This way, you can rest assured your system will be set up correctly and will operate as safely as possible. You’ll also know that all codings, clearances, and regulations were followed, and that all parts are sized and fitted correctly – all of which enhances efficiency and promotes safer functioning.

We’re certified with the National Fireplace Institute (NFI), members of the National Chimney Sweep Guild (NCSG), and we’d be happy to help you out. We’ll get your new unit installed, then help with any chimney or fireplace needs you need down the road, as well.

If you’re ready to get started, don’t hesitate to give our certified crew a call at 631-738-0005, or you can reach out online to request your next appointment today.

 Calling on Dunrite Chimney and Stove means you’ll have a wide range of chimney  and fireplace services to choose from.