Is Your Chimney Crown Built to Last? Give Our Techs a Call for Reliable Crown Repairs

The crown sits at the very top of your chimney and, because of this, it tends to face a lot of abuse. This makes it more prone to break down and decay, which then leaves your masonry (and home) vulnerable to water damage and deterioration. Needless to say, a crown that isn’t built to last isn’t going to do much to keep your system standing strong for the long haul.

Fortunately, our sweeps are here to help, ensuring folks through Centereach and all of its surrounding cities get the quality chimney and fireplace services they deserve.


What Does a Properly Built Crown Look Like?

A properly built crown is…

  • made from a Portland cement-based mixture
  • slopes slightly, so that water can easily slide down and off of it
  • at least 2 inches thick
  • built to overhang past the edge of the chimney
  • properly waterproofed

A properly built crown is NOT…

  • made from a basic mortar mix
  • completely flat, which would cause water to pool
  • lined up with the end of the chimney
  • left vulnerable to soak in harmful moisture

Does My Crown Need Waterproofing?

Waterproofing is a must for the masonry sides of your chimney, but does your crown need waterproofing too? You bet! Over the years, the crown of your chimney is pelted by rain and snow and if not properly waterproofed, will crack and break.

How Do I Know if My Crown Needs Repairs?

Not sure what state your chimney crown is currently in? It’s not always easy to see from the ground if there are cracks or gaps, and even a close-up look may not reveal any obvious damage to the untrained eye. The only way to know for sure where your crown stands is by scheduling an inspection with a certified chimney sweep.

Our experts would be happy to help you out. We’ll do a full overview on your crown and can detect if it’s in solid condition or if it needs to be repaired or rebuilt. Unfortunately, many weren’t constructed right from the start, in which case some renovations will be warranted. But no worries because, when you rely on us, you’re always in good hands.

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