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One of the most common causes of chimney blockages is animals entering your flue. Chimneys offer an extremely attractive home for birds, raccoons, and squirrels because of the warmth and protection they offer, but come time to light a fire, this scenario can cause a lot of problems for both you and the critters themselves.

A quality stainless steel chimney cap can prevent such problems, and we’d be happy to get yours installed. However, if animals have already created a 3-bedroom apartment in your chimney, they will need to be removed. And if you’re looking for a crew in Centereach to get it done safely and humanely, then we’re the company to call.


Problems With Animals in Your Chimney

  • Odors & Pests: Tough birds may be able to escape your flue once they enter, but many four-legged animals cannot. This causes them to get stuck in your chimney and die, which can trigger some foul odors and attract pests and bugs.
  • Blockages & Clogs: If airflow is restricted in your chimney, your system won’t function as efficiently, and your risk of experiencing carbon monoxide leaks, smoke exposure, and the like will be increased.
  • Fire Hazards: Pretty much anything a bird or animal is going to bring into your chimney is going to put you at increased risk of experiencing a chimney fire. These are known for significantly harming your structure, and they leave your home’s woodwork vulnerable to ignite, too.
  • Potential Health Threats: If animals are in your flue, there’s always a chance they could enter your home and become aggressive – especially if they have babies they’re hoping to protect. Wildlife can also bring in harmful diseases that put the health of your family at risk.
  • Unpleasant Noises: On top of everything else, creatures in your flue can cause some serious annoyances. Being forced to listen to scurrying, chirping, and chattering all day and night can really put a damper on the atmosphere of your space.
Squirrel on roof looking straight ahead - Dunrite Chimney

Roadblock: Is the Animal Protected?

Now, in most cases, we’ll be more than capable of removing any animals that have set up camp inside of your chimney. That said, there is one exception where our techs won’t be able to do anything – if the animal you’re looking to remove is protected.

A great example of this is the chimney swift. According to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918, once these birds have set up camp, you cannot remove them. Your only option is to wait until they leave for the season, then remove their nests once they’ve officially moved out. If you’ve found yourself in this scenario, it’s likely you’re either missing a chimney cap or that your current cap is damaged. Schedule an inspection today, so we can check things out.

Rely On Us for it All

Whether it’s pesky critters in your flue, damages to your masonry, rusted flashing, a broken-down chimney crown, or something else, we’d like to be the team you trust for all of your chimney- and fireplace-related needs.

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