Sweepings From Dunrite Chimney and Stove Help Miller Place Homeowners Avoid Chimney Fires

Avoid harmful creosote buildup and chimney fires by calling us to your home in Miller Place, Sound Beach, Mount Sinai, Crystal Brook, Rocky Point, Belle Terre, Port Jefferson, Coram, Saint James, Shoreham, Poquott, Terryville, East Setauket, Middle Island, or anywhere else in the Long Island area today.

Chimney sweepings are an important part of maintaining your fireplace, but many don’t know just what a professional sweeping actually entails. What’s up there that needs removing exactly?

Well, it’s not at all uncommon for leaves, grass, twigs, and other debris to enter your flue, and all of these things can cause blockages and fire hazards. You may even have some animals in there that have set up camp and will need to be humanely removed.

That said, we hope to avoid most of that type of buildup with a sturdy chimney cap. What’s usually more of a concern to us as sweeps is excess creosote deposits.

How is creosote harmful?

Why is creosote considered a threat? Well, creosote is actually a byproduct of burning wood and, like the logs you burn, it’s quite flammable. Your firebox can stand up to direct contact with flames, no problem, but your chimney? Not so much. It’s designed to send fumes and smoke out of your home, but it doesn’t fare well when exposed directly to flames.

Because of this, the creosote in your flue needs to be regularly cleared out, so that you don’t face a heightened risk of experiencing a chimney fire. Chimney fires are known to do a lot of damage to your masonry, which in turn makes your home more vulnerable, and many times they occur so quietly that the homeowners aren’t even aware they’ve experienced one.

Long story short… both annual inspections and regular sweepings are a must when it comes to avoiding harmful buildup and damage. We’ve helped folks on Country Road, Sylvan Avenue, Echo Avenue, Miller Place Road, Mount Sinai-Coram Road, Whiskey Road, Rustic Road, Lodge Lane, Stratford Road, View Drive, Field Lane, Rolling Road, Oakwood Avenue, Rocky Point Road, Millard Avenue, Evans Lane, Valley Circle, Mimosa Street, Redwood Lane, Sweetgum Lane, Azalea Court, Henearly Drive, and more, and we’d love to be there for you too.

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