Dunrite Chimney and Stove Can Humanely Remove Animals From Your Chimney in Smithtown

Dealing with birds or woodland critters in your chimney in Smithtown, The Landing, Village of the Branch, Hauppauge, San Remo, Nesconset, Saint James, East Hauppauge, Nissequogue, Kings Park, Lake Ronkonkoma, Stony Brook, or somewhere else nearby? We’re here to help.

Animals in your chimney invite all kinds of problems. They’re known for attracting pests, triggering foul odors, creating clogs that hinder airflow, and they can even affect the health and wellbeing of those living within the home. In the end, while your chimney may seem like a warm and inviting place to build nests and raise babies, it really isn’t the best environment for the critters, and it definitely isn’t good for your chimney or home either.

That’s why we offer humane animal removal services, ensuring you can use your chimney with ease and peace of mind season after season. And once they’re out, we can equip you with a well-fitted stainless steel chimney cap to prevent them from entering again down the line.

do you need a sweeping?

Whether the birds in your flue grew up and left the nest or you had them removed, you’ll still likely have some chimney-related issues to address. The nesting materials that they leave behind can still cause blockages, which prevent gases and smoke from escaping the chimney, and most of these materials are highly flammable too. Needless to say, the sooner you have them removed, the better.

We offer thorough chimney sweeping services that ensure any debris, buildup, and creosote is removed, guaranteeing a safer and more comfortable burning season.

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