Our Chimney Leak Repair Services Protect Your Chimney From Top to Bottom

There are countless places where water can penetrate your chimney and home, but many don’t consider safeguarding these areas until after problems arise. The good news is that Dunrite Chimney and Stove can address and correct any of these problems, then take measures to ensure they can’t occur again down the line.

If a leak has damaged or destroyed any part of your home or fireplace system, give our experts a call today.

How Do We Prevent Chimney Water Damage?

When it comes to your chimney and water damage, preventive maintenance is key. That said, if you’re already experiencing damage, that will need to be addressed first and foremost. Call on us for chimney repairs, so we can restore your masonry, reline your flue, or offer any other necessary services before getting started on your leak prevention needs.

And once your system is back in tip-top shape? Then, count on us for the following:

chimney caps & chase covers

If you need a new stainless steel chimney cap or chase cover installed, we’re the experts to call. These both play a significant role in keeping water out of your flue and away from the sides of your chimney.

crown repairs

If you have a masonry chimney, having a properly built and waterproofed crown is vital to keeping your bricks and mortar in good shape. That said, if it isn’t appropriately sloped or is made from a weaker mortar mix, you can bet it’ll break down fast. Our team can get the job done right.

Flashing repairs

If you’ve recently noticed staining on the ceiling by your chimney, there’s a good chance your flashing is suffering and needs some professional attention. We can look things over, find any weak spots, and provide any necessary repair or installation services.

Chimney waterproofing

Neglecting to waterproof your chimney guarantees damage down the line. You can have every protective measure in place, but without waterproofing, your bricks and mortar will still break down and suffer, leaving the rest of your home vulnerable. Invest in waterproofing now for years of lasting protection.

Call Now & Stress Less

In the end, a chimney that hasn’t been properly maintained or safeguarded is bound to allow water into your home, whether it’s through poorly sealed flashing, cracks in a broken crown, holes in a rusted chase cover, or something else.

Give us a call at 631-738-0005 now, so you don’t have to stress later. You can also request an appointment through our site.

Masonry repair and tuckpointing could be in your future if you notice broken or missing mortar joints or crumbling bricks. Call on our chimney, stove, and fireplace repair experts to get your system back to where ir needs to be.