33DVI-GreenSmart2The 33 DVI™ GSB is our manual gas insert model designed for medium to large fireplaces. This insert comes with basic GreenSmart™ features that include ON/OFF thermostat control, standard convection fan, and the optional basic remote or wall thermostat. The 33 DVI represents a new direction in gas heating that offers you a top-quality gas fireplace insert at an affordable price. The 33 DVI is all about the basics: a big, beautiful, brightly glowing fire and a simplified operating system, yet offering the same glass viewing area as the top-selling DVL™ GSR2 gas insert.

The 33 DVI features the Dancing-Fyre™ split-flow burner and IPI electronic ignition that allows you a great fire display and a “green” money-saving solution to home heating. The 33 DVI GSR2 is designed to heat up to 2,000 square feet and is ideal for medium to large homes or for zone heating a larger living space. This model does not come with accent lights.