The World’s Most Efficient & Versatile Fireplace

Note: All direct-vent gas fireplaces manufactured after January 1, 2015, must be installed with a fireplace barrier to prevent accidentally touching the hot glass. Your Mantis Fireplace must be installed with a surround that includes the barrier. Styles vary by model.

* Dual burners – up to 28,000 Btu
* Exceeds 90% efficiency – uses 35% less fuel
* Three-stage heat exchanger
* Super-clean burning (reduces emission)
* Hot-surface ignition
* Includes basic PVC connections
* Vents in any direction – up to 40 feet – using regular 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe
* Includes 24-volt thermostat
* Installs as a Direct-Vent or Single-Vent system
* Humidifies as it heats

MantisColinearCutawaycompleteFlatCreating the Heat

  • (A) The power vent blower draws in outdoor air (white arrow) via the PVC intake pipe.
  • (B) Inside the fireplace, the three-stage burner (below the log set) mixes the air and gas (LP or Natural) and burns it to produce heat.
  • (C) The power vent blower extracts the hot combustion gases (up to 900° Fahrenheit) out of the combustion chamber and through the heat exchanger (black arrow).
  • (D) The combustion gases exit the heat exchanger (now cooled to less than 130°) and are forced outdoors through the PVC vent pipe (gray arrow).
    Circulating the Warmth (Blue & Red Arrows)
    (E) The circulation blower draws in room air (blue arrow) via louvers beneath the fireplace…
    (F) …and forces it across the heat exchanger fins. This transfers more that 90% of the heat inside the tubes to the room air.
  • (G) The blower forces this warm air out through louvers above the fireplace to warm the home (red arrow).
    Adding the Humidity
  • (H) Droplets of moisture, a by-product of the Mantis’ super-efficient heat exchanger, are captured in a holding tank (not visible).
  • (I) Once the Mantis reaches operating temperature, a pump cycles on to send any collected water onto a stainless steel tray above the combustion chamber where heat and airflow circulate the water vapor. This added humidity helps alleviate the static shocks, wood furniture damage, and even sore throats caused by dry winter air.

Fireplace Mantis


Mantis Fireplace Package (Shown with Matte Black
Mantel Surround Kit and Oak Mantel)


  • Installs as fireplace (in wall or mantel)
  • Choose conventional surround (black, copper metallic, or hammered pewter) or louverless surround (black or stainless steel)

Bay Window Mantis


Mantis Bay Window Pedestal Package
Installs as fireplace, insert or freestanding stove (with or without pedestal)

The World’s Most Efficient Contemporary Fireplace


  • Linear Burner (20,000 Btu, modulating 5-step Valve with 50% turndown)
  • Digital remote control with thermostat, sleep timer and 10 pre-set programmed times
  • Available in LP and natural gas
  • Exceeds 90% efficiency – uses 35% less fuel
  • Super-clean burning (reduces emission)
  • Hot-surface ignition
  • Three-stage heat exchanger
  • Three-speed temperature-actuated blower
  • Installs as Direct-Vent or Single Vent System
  • Includes basic PVC connections
  • Power vents in any direction – up to 40 feet – using regular 1 1/2-inch PVC pipe
  • LCD display with self-diagnistic panel
  • Humidifies as it heats

**Note** Empire will not warranty any direct-vent fireplace that is not installed by the selling dealer or that dealer’s direct contract agents.

GreenEarthPreferred_ColorGreen Earth Preferred

Unmatched efficienty, hot surface ignition, clean-burn technology, low-temperature exhaust, state-of-the-art digital controls, and automatic home humidification all combine to make this one of our Green Earth Preferred products.