616Diamond-FyreGSR2The 616 Diamond-Fyre™ GSR2 is a full-view gas insert designed for medium to large fireplaces. It showcases a clean, contemporary look with a big heat output and glass size of 616 square inches. A modern hearth look is achieved by having our ceramic glass go almost all the way to the bottom of the unit and hearth. The firebox floor is under-lit to illuminate a bed of crushed glass that picks up hundreds of tiny flame reflections and looks like a blanket of spilled diamonds. It boasts 38,000-19,500 BTUs on NG and 38,000-19,000 on LP, touting up to a 64% turndown ratio. This gas insert converts an existing masonry or metal fireplace into an efficient heater while preserving the charm of a traditional fireplace.

The 616 comes fully loaded with a convection fan, accent lights, linear burner and the GreenSmart™ remote, all standard. Firebacks are required on the 616 DF GSR2 and a choice of 3 different metal fireback looks give you the ability to personalize the interior of the inserts to suit any look you’d like.